A Hero's Tragedy

from by Adversary



The nightingale’s song weeps sweetly on the sea-born breeze.
The windswept trees still whisper tales of he who, through his gift of song, lingers on.
His pain a somber melody...
A tragedy which would eclipse all others
Heartstrings ring out the song of time
No crueler fate could ere befall two lovers
A hero's tragedy, the gods design
In music, Orpheus was rivaled by none other
'Twas said that when he sang, all things bent to his will
So lovely, transfixing, the world would smile in wonder
Son of Caliope, father of song
He stood adored by both the gods and the mortals
With lyre in hand, he could have whom he pleased
But none had struck so sweet a chord within him
As when his gaze fell on Eurydice
Love's purity affords no viewing
As misfortune fails to enter thought
Affairs of man so oft fall prey to ruin
In webs of treachery, we oft get caught
The waves drum out their saddened roar upon the rocky shore.
Their foamy fingers clinging to the sands, which he roams forever free.
Walking hand in hand, their ghostly song eternally...
The lovely Eurydice was his now to be wed
A swell of joyous noise in them arose
So lovely, transfixing, was she upon the altar
These lover's destinies none could oppose
In delight, after the service concluded
A joyful frolic through the meadows nearby
Upon a serpents nest the maiden intruded
A viper's kiss would steal the light from her eyes

Away into the darkness she slipped, from this world she was ripped
Into the world of the dead where she would forever be in solitude, eternally
His loss would prove too heavy to bear, he would succumb to despair
Into a living hell he'd been sentenced to be, unless his love could be freed
He resolved to bring her back from the dead
Be reunited with the one he had wed
Regain the part of him which made him complete
The fates, which took his love, would suffer defeat
Through Tanaerus to the Stygian realm, with neither spear, shield, nor helm
Into the throne room of this underworld king, and then a song he would sing...
"The beauty of your song has convinced me to grant your lovers return. Though, there be a condition I insist must be met... You shan’t on your journey gaze upon her till you've reached the end. If it is so, she will forever be mine. Here is your one chance - heed my warning. Now, from here, be gone."
Welcomed by warm sunlight, the threshold Orpheus crossed
The world above a blessing, but was his lover lost?
In worry, in panic, he turned to face his wife
Alas, in doing so he forfeited her life
She failed to cross into the world of the living
When his eyes met hers into the darkness she fell
He gave his all to pull her back from her reaping
But with her final breath she whispered, "Farewell..."
Away into depression he slipped, from his grasp she was ripped.
Accursed, he'd always be victim to his memories
Wandering alone until again they would meet

His last years spent alone in torment and pain, his death a welcome refrain
For with his love he would be, their song for eternity
Bringing an end to this tale of tragedy


from Ruination, released December 23, 2014



all rights reserved


Adversary Columbus, Georgia

Adversary is a melodic death metal band whose songs are focused on emphasizing melody, emotion and song writing while remaining accessible and sincere.

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