Ashen Effigy

from by Adversary



As fate would have it I was awakened in the sweat of the night
I heard the susurrus of the black attendant, hidden to my right
As screams unfurled, as in pattern, erupting from cell to cell
I saw the origin of despair, the smoke of a thousand hells
Suddenly, misery sings all around
In the verse of a primal pentameter… weaving profoundly
Through a sea of arms the last sentries flee past in sadness
Despite the alarms they come not to rescue for their madness
An unforeseen turn of events, I wonder if it's too late to repent
All along I thought I had much longer
(It) seems I couldn't have been more wrong
The teeth of the flames bite hard into skin of the poor souls across from me
It then realigns its gaze and inches along, roaring hungrily
The smoke billows up and panic erupts in a tempest perfect for death
To yell is no use. To inhale the noose, around your throat, every breath
The smell of burnt meat, the ominous stench, awaiting of what I’ll soon feel
Using my mirror to reflect the horror of flesh melted to steel
Pain- the perfect misery
Captured in an ashen effigy
Pain- the perfect misery
Wearing the mask of tragedy
Projecting images on the wall, our shadows mocking our own downfall
Acting out scenes of truest sincerity, the stage of set for a tragedy
Now for a curtain call...
Ashes to ash, rising distrust - a breeze blows the stench of an utter disgust
Foreshadowing my demise…
Burning my eyes the inferno's alive
It has a mind of its own
Sentencing death with every breath
The fate of all is known
Backed in a corner with nowhere to go- is this judgment for all my deeds?
What if this hell I can never escape, will go on continuously?
As flames engulf me I reach for the pictures of all I have left to cherish
Outside it reads, "Let justice be done, even if the world shall perish."


from Ruination, released December 23, 2014



all rights reserved


Adversary Columbus, Georgia

Adversary is a melodic death metal band whose songs are focused on emphasizing melody, emotion and song writing while remaining accessible and sincere.

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