My Adversary

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Bloodshot eyes betray my desperate cries, so weak
So hard to realize that deep inside this grinding and groveling is breaking me
So who am I? The answer I've sought but fail to seek
From he who dwells inside, content to hide behind this mask of normalcy
This life once filled with so much hope, now broken and buried
In graves of my dreams and desires, tombs begat by my adversary
His hold on me is so strong I can barely draw strength to move
The truth is, I know not how long I can manage to disapprove
With every day, I slip away
After all what else can I do?
A small tragedy, what's become of me
Walled within, with no breaking through
Why lie? This fear is my crippler and my crutch
For always I feel his stare, the piercing glare
The weight of his presence is far too much
Screaming inside! A new me just trying to break free
But this cloud has no silver lining while grace is dying
Delusions abound of what was to be…
A tunnel ahead with no light at the end
A new dawn with no sun to transcend
The twilight upon which I've come to depend
Shrouding me in perpetual sin
Not sins of the flesh, nor malice, or rage
But the sins I've no hope to assuage
They're those of my captor who keeps me encaged
My own lock, my own key, my prison, my stage 

With every day, I slip away
After all what else can I do?
A small tragedy, what's become of me
Walled within with no breaking through
Always blinding my way, my chance to be free
From this path I can’t stray
What price must I pay to bring night into day?
My adversary

Lashed to the slaving stone - I must break free unfettered
I must do this on my own - Time now to be untethered
Strength will be found again - For my emancipation
The death of this foe within - Self-worth initiation
Conquering my imposed injustice
Satisfying my right to be
Reigning o'er all which lies before us
By my will I've chosen to be free
Once blinding my way, my chance to be free
On this path I won't stay
But this price I have paid brings yet a new day
My adversary


from Ruination, released December 23, 2014



all rights reserved


Adversary Columbus, Georgia

Adversary is a melodic death metal band whose songs are focused on emphasizing melody, emotion and song writing while remaining accessible and sincere.

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